Privacy Policy

What data we collect. And what we do with them.

Long story short: Don't worry, you don't type any of the third party passwords in our app, nor do we store your private photos. It costs us to store your data anyway, and we are poor people :(

  1. None of your photos are stored on the server. A temporary file is created, before the photo is sent to Dropbox, and we never see that photo again.
  2. We do not store your passwords. Long story short, you login to Instagram and Dropbox on their site, and they give us a token to access your data.
  3. We store only your email, Instagram id and token, Dropbox tokens, and the number of photos you have uploaded this month and overall, in case this service gets so popular we need to start charging for it. Oh, and your salted hashed passwords too.
  4. We use Google Analytics to figure out which of our pages are hit the most so that we can optimise for it too.

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About us

Instasyncer was created in 2012 to help users automagically sync their Instagram photos to Dropbox.