Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have any more questions, feel free to drop me an email using the feedback button on the left.

  1. What do I need before I signup?
    Both Instagram and Dropbox accounts.
  2. How is this different from other services?
    We sync to your Dropbox account in real time, and all you need to do, is to login to Instagram, and login to Dropbox, and everything is set up. Plus, we give you a pretty dashboard to see your previous photos from. How awesome is that? :)
  3. What data do you keep?
    Read our privacy policy for more details. But in short, only your email and what we need to access your Instagram feed, and put files into the Apps/Instasyncer folder in your Dropbox account.
  4. What kind of access am I giving you?
    Well, for Instagram, we can only view your photos, can't like them or comment on them like other apps do, and for Dropbox, all we can do is to change the contents of the directory Apps/Instasyncer. We value your security, and will not ask for more access than we need.
  5. Do you sync to other cloud services?
    As of now, no. And unlikely to happen in the near future. That said, drop us an email, and if there is sufficient demand, we might just make it happen :)
  6. Are you affiliated to Instagram or Dropbox?
    No, Instasyncer is an independently developed app that uses Instagram and Dropbox API. We are not related to Instagram, nor Dropbox, and they do not endorse us either.
  7. Why are you doing this?
    Fun? But mostly because I needed this. Then I decided to open it up for the world to use.
  8. Will this be free forever?
    That really depends. On how many people uses it, and if the costs are low enough. That said, I wouldn't mind some donations to help offset my server costs, so hit that button on the front page if you found this useful.

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About us

Instasyncer was created in 2012 to help users automagically sync their Instagram photos to Dropbox.